How To Find Work Online With Nomad Now


Nomad Now eliminates the need for recruitment agencies and makes job hunting a breeze. Our comprehensive end-to-end online recruitment platform connects full-time job seekers and freelancers, directly to hirers.

No more applying to countless unsuitable jobs; no wasted time or resources. Find contracts, flexi work, freelance jobs and permanent positions, your way.

Continue reading for step-by-step instructions on setting up your Nomad Now Professional profile.

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How to Create a Profile as a Flexi, Freelance and/or Permanent Jobseeker
  1. Register your basic information.

    You will receive an email to verify your account.

  2. Complete your professional job profile

    This process takes about 30 minutes. Set aside some time to create an indepth job seeker profile. Your profile will be visible to top hirers so ensure you provide as much accurate & relevant information as possible to showcase your skills.

  3. Set your availability in your personal calendar

    Block out specific days for other projects and indicate your working hour preferences. Set the tone for your career with the personal calendar.

  4. Receive work orders and apply to matched job ads

    You can then be contacted by hirers searching for your skillset. Hirers who want your skills will contact you directly and you will then be invited to apply to job ads that are matched with your profile. These job opportunities will be delivered straight to your inbox.

    Ensure your profile is optimised for hirers (hyperlink).

  5. Review order and accept

    After going through the details of a flexi or permanent work order, decide whether to accept or reject the job offer. You can also correspond with the hirer directly and negotiate regarding the hours, rates, or contract type.

  6. Commencement of work order

    Start your new permanent job or deliver your freelance or flexi work services on terms that you agree directly with the Hirer. Flexi workers get paid monthly within 30 days, using our revenue collection assistance.

  7. Rate the hirer

    Upon completion of a flexi worker order, you will have an opportunity to rate the hirer.